Engineered AC Services


As an independent HVAC contractor, Boyle Mechanical Solutions focuses on being a leader among commercial air conditioning and heating companies. You have a lot of choices when it comes to air conditioning companies, so we do our best to make sure the service you receive is unparalleled. Whether tuning up your system before the hot summer or replacing an aged out AC system with an energy efficient model, we are the ones you want doing the work.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning

Inspection and Evaluation

A thorough inspection of your mechanical systems provides valuable information about the quality and attention provided the unit(s). Equipment that has not been properly maintained and serviced is likely to be less reliable and less efficient.


Regular tune ups and AC services are the best way to keep your system in good condition and keep expensive repairs at bay. We offer several different seasonal service and affordable maintenance plans to suit your needs. Spotting potential problems before they become apparent helps minimize emergency situations and reduces inconvenience and downtime.

Replacement and Installation

Upon your decision to repair or replace equipment or components, we can provide services on a time and material basis or at a fixed fee that has been approved by the owner. Repairs that are performed by Boyle Mechanical Solutions have a ninety (90) day labor warranty that begins at the time of completion.



Emergency service is available 24 hours/day,      7 days/week and is billed on a time and material basis. Each visit by a technician employed by Boyle Mechanical Solutions will be documented. The report will be signed by an approved representative and a copy of the service report will be supplied.